Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Thursday 20th June 2013, 17.30 to 20.30: Little Doward evening walk for the Herefordshire Walking Festival.

Apparently bookings were down for all walking festivals and there were only 6 people booked on this walk, of whom 5 were present when we started. We had a most enjoyable time exploring the remains of Blakemore's "Picturesque" estate and we also looked at the Iron Age Hillfort and a possible "warrener's" shelter built into its outer rampart. It was also good to have a chance encounter and conversation with Mr Howard, whose White Park cattle graze the land cleared by the Woodland Trust in order to prevent the open top of Little Doward from becoming recolonised by trees (they have plenty of these on the steeply sloping sides). The pictures are courtesy of Anita Scott, thank you.

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