Saturday, 6 September 2014

Saturday 6th September 2014: "Resistance" walk in the Olchon Valley

This was part of Hay History Weekend 2014Resistance is a novel by Owen Sheers, set in the Olchon valley in the 1940s after a fictional invasion of the UK by German forces. After reading Of Wet and of Wildness by Odie Robey, an account of real life in the Olchon Valley in the years immediately after WW2, I referred to places and events from that text as well as discussing Resistance. We included lunch at White Haywood Farm and an opportunity to see Pauline Goodwin's WW2 mini-museum there. Pauline cooked us a lovely dinner and talked to us about the roles of various local residents during WW2 - thank you very much to her and to Dave Bennett for organising the event.

Walkers at Upper Blaen (Sarah Lewis' home in the novel Resistance):

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